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Language school ANGLO.CZ – a certified Cambridge exam preparation centre

Language school ANGLO.CZ offers

Preparation for Cambridge exams: KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE

English for Academic Purposes IELTS, TOEFL

Business / Business English

Conversation courses

General English courses

English for specific purposes such as: Medicine, Law, Human Resources, Finance, Accounting, etc.

Group, individual and In-company training

Group, individual and In-company training full-time study or via Skype

groups of up to 10 people

when registering for Cambridge exams through our partners, AKCENT IH Prague or Cambridge P.A.R.K, our candidates take an advantage of FREE additional services

branches in Malá Strana and Černý most

Lesson length: group lessons - 90 min., individual/company lessons - 60 min. or 90 min.

A1 - absolute beginners, A2 - beginners, B1 - intermediate, B2 - intermediate, C1 - advanced, C2 - advanced.

Marina Dowden

Dear friends,

Welcome to our website. I'm Marina Dowden, a founder and teacher of anglo.cz English language courses.

I am qualified and experienced, I have worked in private and state schools, taught adults and children, my students have always successfully passed Cambridge exams. I am also an official Cambridge Speaking Examiner. I love my job, I know how to make teaching interesting and engaging for you.

Come and join our courses. We would love to help you improve your knowledge and become proficient in English.

How we teach

We inspire and motivate our students to pursue their academic success and to maintain their language skills in the future.

We apply a combination of lexical and communicative methods to engage students in lessons and develop their use of basic and specific vocabulary. Using this method of teaching, participants will also acquire grammatical phenomena related to the topic under discussion. Enriching vocabulary and then using it is a priority for us.

An essential part of our teaching approach is the acquisition and consolidation of situation-specific vocabulary through simulated presentations, meetings, introductions, training in everyday communication and other practical exercises.
All students are actively involved during the lessons using a range of teaching methods (e.g. discussions, role plays, didactic games, case studies, etc.). The lessons are clearly structured and also varied through different types of teaching, repetition, practice and communication exercises.

Marina Dowden


I'm Marina Dowden, a founder of anglo.cz English language school and also present a number of the courses.


Malá Strana branch

Josefská 626/7, 118 00, Prague 1.

Černý Most branch

Kučerova 807/15, 19800, Prague 9.

Tel.: +420 601 379 989

E-mail: info@anglo.cz

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