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ANGLO.CZ language school prepares candidates for Cambridge exams in groups or one-to-one.

By preparing for Cambridge English exams with us you will get:

highly qualified lecturers,

a strategy to achieve the best results in the exams,

countless opportunities to practice a variety of topics,

feedback on your speech and advice on how to improve it,

feeling more confident on the day of your exam,

the best possible results,

the opportunity to take a mock test for free,

5% discount of the exam fee if registered with our partner exam centres - AKCENT IH Prague or Cambridge P.A.R.K.

Our students pass rate reaches 100% every year.

Cambridge English
Cambridge English

When registering for the exam through our partners, AKCENT IH Prague or Cambridge P.A.R.K, ANGLO.CZ

offers additional services for FREE:


Preparing for the Cambridge English exams allows you to consult with the best methodologists of our language school and to have an individual approach to your language needs. The consultation usually includes feedback on your mock-test, addressing any gaps and recommendations for individual exam components. The consultation also includes a mock Speaking test.

Mock tests

The Test Centre announces mock test dates for language school students and the public usually in the periods preceding the main registration period - i.e. at the end of January, April and October. We also offer mock exams throughout the year.

PC exam tutorials

Prepare for the PC-based exam with tutorials. These short videos will introduce you to the environment of the exam application and show you how to take notes, copy texts or change your answers within the individual exam components.

FCE tutorial

CAE tutorial

CPE tutorial

Skupinové kurzy

Group course

  • (4-8 students)
Individuální výuka

One-to-one course

  • 700 Kč / 60 min.

If you are interested in our courses, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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